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May 1982

Mother By Mabel Jones Gabbott
The Gift By Mary Frederickson


It Stays Up!
By James Edgar Hyer
Friend to Friend By Dwan J. Young
Wings for Willie By Patricia Calvert
Josy By Corliss Clayton
A Blue Ribbon for Sharon By Elizabeth Silance Ballard
Funstuf By Ruth Schiefen
Darby of Bristol By Betty Lou Mell
Birth of a Tree By Royce L. Bair
Gifts of Clay
Let’s Pretend You’re a Ladybug By Wendy Pfeffer
The Mola By Linda Craven
King Limhi and His People Escape

Kitchen Krafts:

Kitchen Krafts: Mother’s Day Treats
Biking in May By Sandra Liatsos
Fly Away, Kite! By Joan Monahan
Soccer Tryouts By Lois Harris
Mother’s Day Gifts
Springtime Worker By Christine Branch
Stories to Remember By Janet Peterson
The First Day By Karla Rugh Hancock

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Blessings Follow Obedience
By Pat Graham