Super Patchwork Banner

You will need: burlap 6″ x 18″, scissors, five 2″ squares of cloth, pen, glue, 7″ dowel or straight twig, 12″ of yarn.

To make a colorful banner for your dad, draw block letters of word SUPER on cloth squares and cut out. Arrange letters vertically down center of burlap, starting 2″ from top. Leave 1″ between letters. Put glue on back of one letter at a time, and press it down in place.

When glue is dry, fringe edges of burlap by pulling off threads for 1/2″ on sides and bottom. Fold top back 1″ over stick and glue or tape down. Tie yarn to each end of stick, and Dad’s banner is ready to hang.

Photo Magnet

You will need: plastic pill bottle cap, small photograph, scissors, cellophane tape, glue, and small bar magnet.

Cut photograph to fit plastic pill bottle cap, cover with tape, and glue inside cap. Glue magnet on back and let dry.

Give Dad a Hand!

You will need: plaster of paris, bowl, water, foil pie pan, paintbrush, and acrylic or poster paint.

Mix plaster of paris with water until smooth and stiff. Pour into foil pie pan. Press your hand into plaster and keep it still until you feel plaster begin to set. Gently remove hand when you can take it away without taking plaster too. Scratch “To Dad With Love” and your name into plaster with wrong end of paintbrush. Let plaster dry completely then turn plaster paperweight out of pan and paint it.

Illustrated by Pat Hoggan