What Can I Do Now?

By La Von Squire Burningham

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    Here are 100 ideas for things you can do to have a super summer. Each time you do one of them, make a check mark by it. If you do it more than once, check it again.

    Make a macaroni necklace
    Have a pots and pans parade
    Take a ride on a bus
    Make a design with a ruler
    Work on a coin collection
    Make roads for toy cars
    Find animals in the clouds
    Make a plastic water slide
    Play a game of croquet
    Tend your little brother or sister
    Go to the zoo
    Make a dinner from a Friend recipe
    Make doll clothes
    Make a willow whistle
    Build a clubhouse
    Make and fly a kite
    Read the Book of Mormon
    Draw a picture of a horse
    Jump on a trampoline
    Wash the car
    Learn ten new words
    Read five poems
    Practice adding and subtracting
    Give the dog a bath
    Watch workmen build a house
    Pull weeds
    Pick some flowers for someone special
    Play hopscotch with a friend
    Practice throwing a baseball
    Study about something in an encyclopedia
    Build something out of wood
    Clean the bathroom
    Have a water fight
    Tell a story from the Friend
    Play ticktacktoe
    Make something in a sandpile
    Climb a tree
    Invite friends over and play school
    Make a toy boat that sails
    Go joggingWork on a rock collection
    Sweep the garage
    Plan a surprise for your mom
    Ride your bike five miles
    Have a neighborhood sack race
    Practice riding on a skateboard
    Play hide-and-go-seek
    Study a road map
    Make a toy boat
    Make a log cabin out of Popsicle sticks
    Make hollyhock dolls
    Run through the sprinkler
    Practice shooting marbles
    Water the flowers
    Start a journal
    Work to earn some money
    Read a book
    Start a bug collection
    Write a letter to an ill person
    Go roller-skating
    Identify five constellations seen at night
    Put a puzzle together
    Check out books from the library
    Pick up empty bottles and cans
    Pick vegetables in the garden
    Visit your dad at his work
    Make a lei out of blossoms
    Build a model airplane
    Practice cursive writing
    Have a Ping-Pong tournament
    Go fishing with your dad
    Invite someone to a barbecue
    Find a four-leaf clover
    Learn to play a song
    Blow soap bubbles
    Make a list of famous people
    Hunt for arrowheads
    Visit an amusement park
    Draw a giant picture on butcher paper
    Visit a museum
    Put colored sands in a bottle
    Play one of your board games
    Sleep out in a sleeping bag
    Go on a camping trip
    Take a summer class
    Make a lunch and go on a hike
    Do a crossword puzzle
    Play in a baseball game
    Make cookies
    Teach your dog a trick
    Mow the lawn
    Take a ride on a train
    Take swimming lessons
    Work with your mother
    Ride a horse
    Visit your grandparents
    Go on a picnic with friends
    List states you have visited
    Make and keep a daily schedule for a month
    Go to a concert

    Illustrated by Doug Roy