You will need: ruler, 33″ of 1/2″ diameter sisal rope, scissors, 1/4″ wide tape, 18″ piece of stiff but bendable wire (wire coat hanger works well), old comb, felt, glue, and plastic eyes.

  1. Cut two 9″ pieces of rope for legs. Wrap end of one piece of rope with tape 1 1/2″ from end (see illustration). Then starting on end that is not taped, unravel one thick strand of rope down to tape. Cut 6″ long piece of wire and place in center of coil made by two strands of rope. Make sure wire end is hidden by tape. Now take single thick strand of rope and rewind it back into place around both wire and other strands. Tape other end of rope 1 1/2″ from end also. Repeat procedure for other leg.

    Rope Horse Rope Horse
  2. Cut 15″ piece of rope for body. Tape it 1 1/2″ from one end. Insert piece of wire 6″ long as described above, making certain one end of wire is covered by tape. Then wrap single strand back around strands and wire. Wrap another piece of tape 6″ from other end.

    Rope Horse
  3. Unravel rope ends to tape to form feet, tail, and head. Comb out strands until ends are frayed.

    Rope Horse
  4. For head, fold long frayed end of body piece over so middle of frayed part is centered over tape on rope, then tape in place (see illustration).

    Rope Horse
  5. Curve body as illustrated and bend head down slightly. Now bend legs in half and tape to body.

  6. To decorate horse, cut out strips of felt for legs and tail. Cut out saddle and saddle blanket and glue to horse. Add ears and facial features as illustrated.