I came upon a spider’s web
This morning in the weeds.
The night had left a present of
Some polished crystal beads.
There seemed to be enough to make
A necklace with, and so
I started home to get some string
As fast as I could go.
But halfway there, I stopped and thought,
The spider worked quite hard.
How would I feel if someone took
Those beads from my front yard?
I went back to the web and looked,
And there the spider sat,
Enjoying all the finery,
So that took care of that.
I came upon a toadstool,
Well hidden by a tree.
It looked just like a parasol,
But much too small for me.
Besides, the toad would miss it,
Might think my manners bad,
To take the only furniture
He’d ever really had.
I came upon a bird’s nest
When I climbed my favorite branch.
Nobody seemed to be at home,
Though there could be a chance
That it was some bird’s brand-new place.
A family might move in!
And baby birds need lots of warmth
When they are young and thin.
I came upon a lot of things
But left them where they lay.
They’ll be there for me next time
I go out another day.

[illustration] Illustrated by Shauna Mooney