How many correct answers do you know to these questions?

1 Are hailstorms more frequent in spring, winter, or summer?

2 Does hot air rise toward the ceiling or stay near the floor?

3 How many tines does a fork usually have?

4 Can you name at least two different evergreen trees?

5 In which hand does the Statue of Liberty hold her torch?

6 Do most birds’ feet have three toes, five toes, or three toes in front and one behind?

7 How many letters in the English alphabet—19, 23, or 26?

8 How many red stripes and white stripes are in the flag of the United States?

9 Does dew usually accompany cloudy or clear weather?

10 If you haven’t lost any of them, do you have 32, 35, or 37 teeth?


Illustrated by Shauna Mooney

Show References

  • (1) spring, (2) ceiling, (3) four, (4) rhododendron, laurel, hemlock, spruce, fir, pine, yew, and cedar, (5) right, (6) three toes and one behind, (7) 26, (8) seven red and six white, (9) clear, (10) 32.