How Observant Are You?

How many correct answers do you know to these questions?

1 Are hailstorms more frequent in spring, winter, or summer?

2 Does hot air rise toward the ceiling or stay near the floor?

3 How many tines does a fork usually have?

4 Can you name at least two different evergreen trees?

5 In which hand does the Statue of Liberty hold her torch?

6 Do most birds’ feet have three toes, five toes, or three toes in front and one behind?

7 How many letters in the English alphabet—19, 23, or 26?

8 How many red stripes and white stripes are in the flag of the United States?

9 Does dew usually accompany cloudy or clear weather?

10 If you haven’t lost any of them, do you have 32, 35, or 37 teeth?


[illustrations] Illustrated by Shauna Mooney

(1) spring, (2) ceiling, (3) four, (4) rhododendron, laurel, hemlock, spruce, fir, pine, yew, and cedar, (5) right, (6) three toes and one behind, (7) 26, (8) seven red and six white, (9) clear, (10) 32.