NOTE: Excerpts in this account are taken from the diary of Job Goldrup, as recorded by his father, Ray Goldrup, a professional writer.

Sometimes Joby forgot things—like the time he forgot not to laugh when his brother fell down the stairs. Another time he forgot to walk straight home after school so he wouldn’t miss his four o’clock dentist appointment. But he’d had more important things on his mind that day—like stopping to catch catfish at the canal with Toby Baxter.

But what Joby didn’t forget was something he did every night before he went to bed. Something besides saying his prayers and giving Agatha, his hamster, a good-night kiss. It was something he had heard the prophet, President Spencer W. Kimball, talk about many times during general conferences. That something was keeping a daily journal.

One particular family home evening, Joby shared some of his recorded thoughts and feelings with his family. I was so touched by what we heard (even though it was the second time for me) that I asked Joby if he would share some of his thoughts and feelings with children all over the world.

Joby’s eyes grew as round as July melons. “Wow!” he exclaimed.

Here are a few entries from Joby’s daily journal:

  • March 8 I ran around the block with my dad. He got tired. Old people do that.

  • March 14 I like a girl named Jessica.

  • March 18 I sang in sacrament meeting on a Primary program.

  • March 23 My girl friend said I could chase her around.

  • March 27 I was sick today.

  • April 2 We watched a television show about Jesus, and I saw my dad crying when they hung Jesus on the cross.

  • April 11 I got angry feelings when my girl friend said she liked some other boy better than me. Then I gave her one of my best marbles, and she let me sit by her. I gave her another of my best marbles, and she said she likes me best. My dad said, “That’s using your marbles.”

  • April 17 I did the family home evening lesson. Mom and Dad helped me.

  • April 18 I made a new friend. His name is Chad. He has lots of trucks and cool stuff like that.

  • April 26 Mom’s real busy with her new Church job. I saw her praying about it.

  • April 27 It isn’t the same when the baby-sitter tucks me in.

  • May 16 I can’t remember any stuff that happened today.

  • May 17 My dad pulled me around the block in the wagon. It was tied to his old bike. I love my dad.

  • May 22 I got hit in the head with a rock and had to have four stitches. A girl at school did it. Not my girl friend. If it had been her, I would have taken my marbles back.

  • May 23 Today was hot and windy.

  • May 24 I passed kindergarten. I guess I’m sort of getting grown-up. But I still like marbles and stuff.

  • June 1 I played and played and played.

  • June 2 I played cowboys and got shot lots of times.

  • June 10 Today we went to church. Sometimes I think I don’t want to go, but I know that is where Heavenly Father wants me to be. I just know.

  • June 12 We went to a cabin in the mountains. We fed the birds and squirrels and ran around a lot. It got dark, and we heard strange sounds, but that was OK because Mom said Heavenly Father was close-by.

  • June 14 The new grass in the backyard is starting to come out of the ground and be green.

  • June 16 I don’t know about today.

  • June 18 I’m glad school doesn’t mess up summer.

  • June 19 I played and then I got tired, so night came.

  • June 20 We went to the canal. The water was going by. The big spider was still there, and I almost caught a water bug.

  • June 21 Dad paid me a penny for each grasshopper I took out of the garden because he doesn’t want to hurt them. He says all of God’s creatures have feelings.

  • June 22 I rode on Nathan’s Big Wheel because I still can’t ride my bike. I just fall off better than I stay on.

  • June 23 My dad says I’m getting big too fast. I can’t help it. Mom makes me eat all my asparagus and stuff.

  • June 24 Church day. And so that was what it was.

  • June 26 We went to Uncle David’s and played on the trampoline, and then we came home because you can’t jump on it very well in the dark.

  • June 27 I let my grasshoppers go. I think they were homesick.

  • June 30 I watched my red ants making tunnels. Heavenly Father must have good eyes to make such tiny things. I can’t even see how their legs go on.

  • July 1 I’m still watching my ants.

  • July 5 Great-Grandma’s birthday. She’s real old today.

  • July 6 I learned how to ride my bike. Hurray!

  • July 8 Church day. So that is where we were.

  • July 12 Went to the mountains with Dad. We got rocks and slept up there. It got real dark and cold.

  • July 24 We went to a big parade. It was about the Mormon pioneers. A clown painted my nose red. I guess maybe he needed a friend.

  • July 27 My hamster’s leg broke.

  • July 31 I rode my bike. I like the way the wind feels on me.

  • Aug. 13 We put some pretty flowers on Grandpa’s grave. I miss him.

  • Aug. 14 I like the woods at Grandma’s. There are shadows and quiet places. Today I saw a squirrel there and thought about Grandpa.

  • Aug. 18 I lost my hamster. She’s in our house someplace.

  • Aug. 20 I prayed I would get my hamster back, and I did.

  • Aug. 26 Dad gave me a father’s blessing because I went into first grade today. It made me feel good.

  • Aug. 29 I kind of like school—kind of.

  • Aug. 30 I guess I like to play best.

  • Aug. 31 I got home early today. It feels good at home.

  • Sept. 10 I caught a spider. It likes dead flies best, so that is what it got.

  • Sept. 14 Some things I don’t like are cauliflower and asparagus and naps and kids who push me around. All of them happened today, so I’m glad today is over. Oh! I almost forgot to kiss Agatha goodnight.

  • Sept. 24 My dad told us a story about a robot named Mister Green and a kid who made him and some fun stuff they did. Then he talked about some things the prophet does. Dad said he is one of the most special people and that we should read his words because he talks for Jesus. I would like to meet him someday and shake his hand and always do the things he says.

Joby is ready to start a second journal. “One day,” he said, “I’m going to have a lot of neat stuff to show my children, and maybe someday even Heavenly Father might like to read it. I know He’s real busy, but if He has time, He can just come over, because I’ll be living close to where He is.”

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney