I dreamed last night of a lovely land
Of candy and sugar galore,
With cinnamon buns beside the fence
And Popsicles over the door.
White all-day suckers grew by the walk,
And popcorn covered the tree.
Chocolate cake was frosted thick
As white as white could be.
This morning I saw my lovely land
All covered with sugared snow;
The chocolate cake was our garden hedge
Frosted with white—just so.
The buns were the bushes bending down,
All heaped in smooth, round hills.
The icicles fringed the roof of the house
And hung from the windowsills.
The popcorn man had placed popcorn balls
On the boughs of the evergreen,
And all-day suckers atop fence posts
Were the biggest I’ve ever seen.
But wasn’t I glad when I got my sled
And was bundled up warm and tight
That it wasn’t all candy and cake and gum
As I’d dreamed it was last night!

[illustration] Illustrated by Dick Brown