Happy Birthday, President Kimball!

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    Dear President Kimball,

    You are my favorite prophet. I like to hear you on conference. I want to wish you a happy birthday. I am nine years old and in the third grade.


    Rebecca Western, Provo, Utah

    Missionary Work

    On your mission every day,
    Try to give the gospel away.
    And if you succeed
    In all you do,
    You will be happy
    Your whole life through.

    Julie Burden, age 9 Blaine, Washington

    Our Prophet—

    Is lovable
    Is beautiful
    Is nice
    Is a good man
    Loves Heavenly Father
    Works in the temple
    Likes our Church
    Loves children who go to church
    Loves the Lamanite people
    Loves to sing
    Likes music
    Is married to a beautiful girl
    Loves to hear us sing.

    Magee Branch Primary children Magee, Mississippi