1. Find a cardboard box with a handle (milk bottle carrier) or make a rope handle. Cover box with contact paper or wrapping paper.

  2. Using your Friend magazine, find stories, games, puzzles, and other activities that children might enjoy. Make some stories into plays with puppets or into flannelboard stories.

  3. You might use some of your baby-sitting money to buy glue, paper, crayons, and pencils to keep in your box.

  4. Keep a file with useful information on the families you sit for (see story on page 34). Include the “Cautions for Baby-Sitters” on page 37 too.

  5. Always bring something for you to do after the children have gone to bed—a book, homework, handwork, etc. Remember to keep a record of the money you earn so you will know how much tithing to pay.

Tiny-Tot Treats

Tiny-Tot Pudding

1/3 cup cold milk

2 tablespoons instant pudding, any flavor

  1. Pour milk, then pudding into any small jar with secure lid (baby-food jar works well).

  2. Screw lid on tightly and shake jar for several minutes.

  3. Remove lid and eat right from jar!

Tiny-Tot Cereal Necklace

dental floss

dry cereal with holes

  1. String cereal on piece of floss.

  2. Tie ends together and wear a portable “jewelry” snack!

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney; photos by Eldon Linschoten