New Testament ABCs

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    A Twelve men who were chosen by Jesus

    B Town where Jesus was born

    C Those who believe in Christ

    D Those who follow Christ

    E Land where Joseph and Mary took Jesus when He was a baby

    F Fragrance brought by the Wise Men

    G Garden where Jesus prayed

    H Wicked king who ordered all babies killed

    I Another name for Christ, meaning “God (is) with us”

    J Name the angel told Mary to call the Savior

    K “___ of the Jews,” (part of title on the cross)

    L Raised by Jesus from the dead

    M First book in the New Testament

    N Town where Jesus lived as a boy

    O ___ Begotten Son

    P Chief Apostle

    Q Christ “shall judge the ___ and the dead” (2 Tim. 4:1)

    R Last book in the New Testament

    S Name changed to Paul

    T One of the twelve Apostles

    U ___ room, where the Last Supper was held

    V Given to Christ to drink while He was on the cross

    W She gave her last two mites

    X Roman numeral for number of silver coins given to Judas


    Y “Take my ___ upon you, and learn of me” (Matt. 11:29)

    Z Father of John the Baptist



    [illustration] Illustrated by Beth Maryon

    Apostles, Bethlehem, Christians, disciples, Egypt, frankincense, Gethsemane, Herod, Immanuel, Jesus, King, Lazarus, Matthew, Nazareth, Only, Peter, quick, Revelation, Saul, Thomas, upper, vinegar, widow, XXX, yoke, Zacharias.