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June 1983

Fishing By Louise Hajek
The Father’s Day Surprise Cake By Mella Bedell
Kitchen Krafts
Friend to Friend From a personal interview by Janet Peterson with Elder Loren C. Dunn of the First Quorum of the Seventy.
Your Wonderful Skin By O. J. Robertson
Welcome Stranger By Mary H. Duplex
Homegrown Fun Written by Joyce Chalmers PerryMany years ago people discovered that gourds could be useful as food-storage containers, water dippers, scoops, baskets, and musical instruments. Some were even carved into toy animals or dolls!
Joseph F. Smith Remembers His Father By Susan Arrington Madsen
The Race By Dawn Asay
The Merry-Go-Round By Miriam Biskin
Funstuf By Helen R. Sattler
Father’s Day Gift: Pocket Survival Kit

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Remember Your Fathers
By Pat Graham
The Man in the Moon By Keo Felker Lazarus


Signs to Camp By
By Jeanine M. Petrucci
Outgrown Treasures By Katherine Nye Rolfes
Killer Typhoon By Ella Ruth Elkins
Sarah Sings By Shirley Dellay
Truth from Elijah Words and music by Vanja Y. Watkins
Mike’s Delivery Service By E. Ruth Glover
Mary, Martha, and Lazarus