Early Saints

See if you can match the names of these early Saints with the clues.

1. Orrin Porter Rockwell

a. Martyred at the same time as Joseph Smith

2. Oliver Cowdery

b. Architect of the Salt Lake Temple

3. Parley P. Pratt

c. Orator and Church historical writer

4. Hyrum Smith

d. Poet and writer

5. Truman O. Angell

e. Dedicated the land of Jerusalem for the return of the Jews

6. William Clayton

f. Early U.S. senator from Utah

7. Mary Fielding Smith

g. Friend to the Indians

8. Jacob Hamblin

h. Wrote the words for “Come, Come, Ye Saints”

9. Eliza R. Snow

i. Physician and counselor to Brigham Young

10. B. H. Roberts

j. Mother of the prophet Joseph F. Smith

11. Reed Smoot

k. Published the Book of Mormon

12. Willard Richards

l. Great missionary and first editor of the Millennial Star

13. W. W. Phelps

m. Grandfather to President Spencer W. Kimball

14. Orson Hyde

n. Scribe for Joseph Smith when he translated the sacred plates

15. Heber C. Kimball

o. The Prophet Joseph’s friend and bodyguard


(1) o, (2) n, (3) l, (4) a, (5) b, (6) h, (7) j, (8) g, (9) d, (10) c, (11) f, (12) i, (13) k, (14) e, (15) m.

Crawl through a Postcard

A person crawling through a postcard may seem about as impossible as an elephant squeezing through a letter slot, but it can be done! In fact, the largest person you know could manage it quite easily.

The secret is to slit the card as shown (dotted lines only). It will then stretch out into a large circle through which anyone can wriggle with the greatest of ease. The more slits you make in the card, the larger the circle will be.


Match each sport with the appropriate term.

1. Bowling

a. Grand slam

2. Ice hockey

b. Right hook

3. Archery

c. Slalom

4. Baseball

d. Gutter ball

5. Golf

e. Love

6. Basketball

f. Placekick

7. Tennis

g. Bull’s-eye

8. Skiing

h. Bogey

9. Football

i. Icing the puck

10. Boxing

j. Free throw


(1) d, (2) i, (3) g, (4) a, (5) h, (6) j, (7) e, (8) c, (9) f, (10) b.

Roaring Buzz Board

You will need: tongue depresser, 36″ (90 cm.) length of string, pocketknife, drill, and crayons, felt-tip pens, or paints.

Roaring Buzz Board
  1. 1.

    Cut three small notches in each end of tongue depresser (see illustration).

  2. 2.

    Drill small hole in one end. Thread string through hole and tie.

  3. 3.

    Decorate. Hold end of string and whirl buzz board around to make it roar.