I Think of Pioneers

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    Sometimes when I must walk to school, it seems a long, long way.
    I get to feeling tired and would like to stop and play.
    But then I think of pioneers who walked by sun and star;
    And suddenly my little walk doesn’t seem so far.
    Sometimes on cold, dark winter nights I crawl beneath the sheet
    And wish I had a cozy place to warm my chilly feet.
    But then I think of pioneers who camped outside all night
    And only had a fire’s glow to give them warmth and light.
    Sometimes when I am hungry and want something good to eat,
    My mother gives me carrots when I’d rather have a sweet.
    But then I think of pioneers who thanked God and were glad
    For anything at all to eat—my carrots aren’t so bad.
    Sometimes when I have chores to do and I would rather play,
    I think of pioneers and know they worked most all the day.
    And so I guess I can’t complain about things that I must do,
    For when I think of pioneers, I’m very blessed—aren’t you?

    [illustration] Illustrated by Beth Maryon