The Jungle

By Andrea Jackman, age 11, Provo, Utah

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    The jungle is such a pretty ground.

    There are interesting animals all around.

    The animals are free to run as they please.

    Monkeys have long arms to swing on trees.

    Lions are colored for hiding in bushes.

    Hippos like riverbanks and mud when it squishes.

    Giraffes have long necks to reach for their dinner.

    In an animal race, cheetah is always the winner.

    The horn on the end of the rhino’s nose

    Comes in handy if somebody steps on his toes.

    Elephants have trunks to wash themselves bright.

    Alligators send people running in fright.

    The animals of the jungle I don’t fear.

    But I’m glad they live there … and I live here!

    Illustrated by Andrea Jackman, age 11, Provo, Utah