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July 1983

The Jungle By Andrea Jackman, age 11, Provo, Utah
The Secret Weapon By Michael A. Morrell
Friend to Friend By Janet Peterson
Yankee Doodle Stockings By Jana Steed
Rubber-band Music Box By Kay L. Harvey
Thomas Kane, Friend of the Mormon Pioneers By Susan Arrington Madsen
Caught in the Rain By Betty Lou Mell
Lost! By Marguerite Jensen
Funstuf By Janet Peterson
I Think of Pioneers By Sandy Halvorson

Kitchen Krafts:

Kitchen Krafts: Summer Treats
Toy Balloons By Heather Lambrecht


Dust Baths
By Helena K. Stefanski
Quiet Time By Florence Boutwell
Benny’s Way By Ray Goldrup
Nita’s Sheep By Elizabeth Fritz

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: William Clayton and “Come, Come, Ye Saints”
By Pat Graham and Ruth Gardner
“I’m Allergic …” By Sherrie Johnson
The Leather Purse By Iris Syndergaard
Enos’s Prayer