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July 1983

The Jungle Andrea Jackman
The Secret Weapon Michael A. Morrell
Friend to Friend Janet Peterson
Yankee Doodle Stockings Jana Steed
Rubber-band Music Box Kay L. Harvey
Thomas Kane, Friend of the Mormon Pioneers Susan Arrington Madsen
Caught in the Rain Betty Lou Mell
Lost! Marguerite Jensen
Funstuf By Janet Peterson
I Think of Pioneers Sandy Halvorson
Kitchen Krafts: Summer Treats
Toy Balloons Heather Lambrecht
Dust Baths Helena K. Stefanski
Quiet Time Florence Boutwell
Benny’s Way Ray Goldrup
Nita’s Sheep Elizabeth Fritz
Sharing Time: William Clayton and “Come, Come, Ye Saints” Pat Graham and Ruth Gardner
“I’m Allergic …” Sherrie Johnson
The Leather Purse Iris Syndergaard
Enos’s Prayer