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October 1983

How Does Jesus Get the Money? By Lowell J. Fetzer
Funstuf By Jane K. Priewe
Friend to Friend From a personal interview by Janet Peterson with Elder Franklin D. Richards of the Presidency of the First Quorum of the Seventy
The Shoes on the Gate By Alma J. Yates
A Secret By Blanche Manos
Colorful Season By Ruth Schiefen
October Sunrise By William Beyer
Guest of Honor By Susan A. Meier

Kitchen Krafts:

Kitchen Krafts: Lunch Treats
The Pumpkin Puzzle By Kathleen Pestotnik
A Friend in Need By Craig Douglas Idso with Dr. Sherwood B. Idso


A Chip off the Old Potato
By John Sheridan
Joseph, Son of Jacob
The Crayon Tooth By Kathleen Tapp
Lights for Kajri By Carolyn Johnson Muchhala
Rose Begay Walks in Beauty By Susan Anderson
Two Prayers Tonight By Vicki H. Budge
Make Your Own Rhythm Band Instruments By Corliss Clayton
The Good Sport By Kathleen Yapp
A Puzzle By Lillian E. Carlton

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Sing Another Time
By Pat Graham
The Prophet Jonah