Two Little Squirrels

By Mahala Palmer Hunt

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    (A finger play)

    Two little squirrels, frisky and bright,

    Gather up nuts for a long winter’s night.

    They look under a leaf and under a twig.

    They find nuts that are little and nuts that are big.

    They poke them all down in a hole in the ground.

    And push them far back where they cannot be found.

    Then, when the snow covers the earth like a cap,

    They both settle down for a long, pleasant nap.

    Hold left hand out flat, palm up; two fingers of right hand scamper around palm.

    Same left hand; right fingers pick up nuts.

    Left palm is leaf; left fingers are twigs. Right hand pushes them up.

    Make circles with each thumb and pointer finger. Combine thumbs and pointer fingers on both hands for large nuts.

    With left thumb and pointer finger, make horizontal hole. Use right finger to poke into hole.

    Move right hand up to hide nuts in crook of left elbow.

    Extend hands palms down with tips of thumbs and pointer fingers touching. Place on top of head.

    With palms together, place hands alongside of face, incline head, and close eyes. (Illustrated by Julie F. Young.)