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Feb. 1984

ValentinesJulie Wardell 
Andy Goes to the MTCRaNell S. Howlett 
Friend to FriendJanet Peterson 
A Job for JanetCarolyn Luetje 
The Silent FriendJeanne W. Pittman 
The Manual Alphabet 
Sunday Box Game: Fishing for Facts 
Nima and the House of SnowDawn Asay 
Gilbert Stuart: Portrait Painter of PresidentsHerma Silverstein 


Patricia MacEwen 


Alaska Bound!
Marian Magnuson 


Hidden Books
D. A. Stone 


They’re the Same!
Patricia L. Dombrink 


Winter Sports
Janet Peterson 
LoveJoan M. Leon 
Playing PirateKatherine D. Marko 
The Stonecutter 
Cheer Up a FriendD. A. Woodliff 
Kitchen KraftsJulie Wardell 

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Be a Friend
Pat Graham 
My DogAlma J. Yates 
Glory and Glory IIPairlee Pattillo 
Come with Me to PrimaryPatricia Maughan and Marjorie Kjar 
Groundhog DayColleen Fahy 
FoghornJane K. Lambert 
Rebekah’s Betrothal