Pouches and bags were used by Indians of many tribes to carry food, fire-making equipment, and other objects. To design and make your own bag, you will need: paper and pencil, 25″ x 15″ (64 cm x 38 cm) piece of muslin or other sturdy fabric, needle and thread, scissors, fabric paints or markers, 18″ (46 cm) piece of cord.

  1. With paper and pencil, draw 6″ x 7″ (15 cm x 18 cm) design for center front of bag.

  2. Fold right sides of fabric together. It will measure 25″ x 7 1/2″ (64 cm x 19 cm). Sew side seam to make tube, then turn so right side of fabric faces out.

  3. Sew another seam 8″ (20 cm) from one end of tube to form bottom of bag. Fringe fabric below this seam.

  4. Using fabric crayons or markers, copy design from paper onto 6″ (15 cm) section of fabric above seam.

  5. Trim open end of bag to make wavy or scalloped edge.

  6. With scissors, punch four holes around top of bag. Thread cord through holes for a drawstring.

  7. To carry, tuck bag over or under your belt.

Indian Bag

Photo by Eldon K. Linschoten