A bedside pocket would make a nice gift, especially for someone who is ill. It will hold books, magazines, tissues, eyeglasses, pen and paper, or whatever else can be conveniently placed in the compartments. To make a bedside pocket, you will need: 3/8 yard (.4 m) quilted fabric, pins, scissors, 3 yards (2.75 m) 1″-wide (2.5 cm) bias tape, and sewing machine or needle and thread.

  1. After pinning bias tape over short edges of fabric, sew in place.

  2. Fold up one finished edge to form 8″-deep (20 cm) pocket. Pin sides in place.

  3. Pin bias tape over raw edges, turn in ends of bias tape, then sew.

  4. To make two compartments, sew in about 4″ (10 cm) from one side (see illustrations).

    Bedside Pocket
  5. Slip long end of bedside pocket under the mattress, leaving pocket hanging over edge of springs.