The Priesthood

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    Fill in the crossword puzzle according to the numbers on the blank lines. Note: the A following a number stands for Across, the D stands for Down.

    • The three men who restored the Melchizedek Priesthood are 9A, 4A, and 1A.

      8A __ __ (three words) returned to earth to restore the Aaronic Priesthood.

    • Three offices in the Melchizedek Priesthood are 6A, 11A, and 2D __ (2 words).

    • A worthy male member of the Church twelve years of age or older can be ordained a 10D, and he can pass the sacrament.

    • A 3D helps prepare the sacrament. He is usually ordained to this office at age fourteen.

    • At age sixteen or older, a worthy male member of the Church can be ordained a 7D. He can then bless the sacrament, and he also has the authority to baptize.

    • The 12A Priesthood is the lesser priesthood and is named after the brother of Moses.

    • The 5D Priesthood is referred to as the higher priesthood and is named after a great high priest who lived during the time of the prophet Abraham.


    Across—(1) John, (4) James, (6) elder, (8) John the Baptist, (9) Peter, (11) seventy, (12) Aaronic. Down—(2) high priest, (3) teacher, (5) Melchizedek, (7) priest, (10) deacon.