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May 1984

Mommy’s Hug Sharon Knudsen
Winnie Wins Glenna Lybrand
Funstuf By Jane K. Priewe
Friend to Friend Janet Peterson
The Stack Cake Jane McBride Choate
The Hunters Alma J. Yates
The Monster Jean F. Roath
Rails Meet at Promontory Julie Wardell
Rabiha’s Holiday Vivian Bartholomew
Pioneer Trek
Kitchen Krafts: Graduation Gifts Tricia Ann Williams
Mommy Lori Stevens
Mother’s Day Gifts
Uncle Pembroke’s Black Felt Hat Ray Goldrup
Mormon and the Book of Mormon Mark E. Petersen
Grandpa’s Trunk Laura Dene Card
Sharing Time: The Fruits of Faith Pat Graham
Spider Monkeys Linda Green
Orrin Porter Rockwell Lawrence Cummins
The Signal Mary Joyce Capps
Under My Feet Jean Conder Soule