My dad is a doctor. He helps people when they’re sick or when they hurt themselves. He can fix a broken arm or help make a sore throat better. He can even take a splinter out of your finger without hurting you. When I grow up, I’m going to be a doctor too.

Dad and I like each other very much. We do lots of things together. I’m special to Dad, and he’s special to me.

We built a tree house in our backyard and painted it brown. We go there when we want to talk or to just have fun.

One time we went camping all by ourselves. I helped Dad put the tent up and start a fire. We cooked hot dogs and marshmallows over the coals on the ends of long sticks. Then we sang songs and told each other stories. Dad and I had a good time, and he said we would do it again soon.

Our favorite game is baseball, so we play it a lot. I’m on a baseball team called the Jets, and Dad likes to watch me play. Whenever I hit a home run, we both jump up and down. Dad thinks we’re a good team even when we lose.

Last week the car wouldn’t start, and Mom was worried. It took Dad and me all day, but we both worked real hard, and we fixed it. Dad said he couldn’t have done it without me, and Mom was proud of us both.

I help Dad do the yard work, too, and he helps me with my homework. He’s very smart.

When school’s out in the summer, Dad and I ride motorcycles in the dirt. When I get bigger, I’ll be able to ride in races and Dad will come and watch. If I win, we’ll both jump up and down.

Whenever I need Dad, he’s always there. We’re best friends, and I don’t know anyone who has as much fun as we do. I love my dad and he loves me very much. We’re a team!

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney