Father’s Day Gifts

By Julie Wardell

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    Nail Picture

    You will need: variety of nails or tacks, pine board (painted or unpainted), pencil, hammer.

    1. Use pencil to draw simple design on board. Decide where different types of nails or tacks will look best for your design.

    2. Hammer in nails or tacks, following design.

    Mousetrap Memo

    You will need: one-half of small Styrofoam ball, felt, scissors, glue, toothpicks, mousetrap, small notepad, pencil, yarn.

    1. Cut small squares of felt, and glue onto Styrofoam. Cut ears, teeth, eyes, and nose and glue onto felt, out of Styrofoam (see illustration). Insert toothpicks for whiskers.

    2. Glue mouse head at top of mousetrap (see illustration).

    3. Slip notepad under metal trap.

    4. Tie one end of yarn to mousetrap and other end to pencil.

    Illustrated by Dick Brown