The Remarkable Power of the Priesthood

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    Adapted from Doctrine and Covenants Stories (PBIC037A)(See Church History 1:81–84.)

    Members called Saints

    1 On Sunday, April 11, 1830, a few days after the Church of Jesus Christ was organized, another meeting was held. Several members of the Church came to the meeting, and they called themselves Saints.

    Several baptized

    2 Several other people who were not members of the Church also came to the meeting. Oliver Cowdery taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some of them believed Oliver and wanted to join the Church. After the meeting they were baptized.

    Satan fought the truth

    3 Satan did not want people to join the Church. He tried to plant negative feelings and seeds of doubt in the hearts of the investigators. One such nonmember was Newel Knight, son of Joseph Knight, who had befriended the Prophet Joseph Smith.

    Newel asked to pray

    4 Joseph asked Newel if he would say the prayer at a future meeting. Newel said that he would.

    Newel was afraid to pray

    5 But Satan caused Newel to become so fearful that he refused to pray at the meeting, saying that he was afraid to pray out loud.

    Satan makes Newel uneasy

    6 Newel told the Prophet that he would go into the woods later to pray alone. But after several unsuccessful attempts to pray in the woods, Newel felt an evil influence. He felt uneasy and went home.

    Joseph blessed Newel

    7 Newel’s wife was worried about him, and she asked Joseph Smith to come and help her husband. Joseph Smith used his priesthood power to bless Newel and to cast out the evil spirit that had invaded Newel’s body. Newel recovered quickly, and a short time later he was baptized.