Christmas Rhyming Riddles

By D. A. Stone

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    The inn was full in this small town,

    So in a manger they laid Him down.

    They’d come to this City of David to pay

    Their taxes, Herod’s law to obey.

    What city was this? ____________________

    In Swaddling clothes, asleep, He lay

    On that first, wondrous Christmas day.

    His mother, Mary, sat nearby,

    Singing Him a lullaby.

    Who was He? ___________________________

    While they watched o’er their flocks one night,

    An angel came in heavenly light

    And gave them “tidings of great joy”—

    They left in haste to see the Boy.

    Who were they? ________________________

    They traveled from the east afar,

    Following a bright, bright star;

    Many precious gifts they brought

    To give the newborn King they sought.

    Who were they? ________________________


    Illustrated by Phyllis Luch

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    • Bethlehem, Jesus, shepherds, Wise Men.