“I’m Hibernating!”

By Sandy Halverson

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    Sometimes when it is winter

    And it’s time for me to rise,

    And it’s cold and dark outside

    And sleep won’t leave my eyes,

    My mother comes to call me

    And says my breakfast’s waiting.

    I pull the covers to my nose

    And say, “I’m hibernating!”

    And when we have a cozy fire,

    I get a book to read

    And snuggle up in Grandma’s quilt—

    That’s everything I need.

    Then Mother pats me on the head

    And says my chores are waiting.

    I peek above the page, entranced,

    And say, “I’m hibernating!”

    Sometimes I think it must be nice

    To be a bat or bear

    And find a nice, warm, cozy cave

    And spend the winter there.

    Bear mothers never interrupt

    Their naps to go outdoors,

    Or stop their winter dreams to say,

    “It’s time to do your chores!”

    Yes, there are times when winter’s here,

    And warm spring weather’s waiting,

    I wish my mom would say to me,

    “It’s time for hibernating!”

    Illustrated by Shauna Mooney