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January 1985

“I’m Hibernating!” Sandy Halverson
Special Sisters Betty Lou Mell
Friend to Friend Janet Peterson
The Cleansing Laura Dene Card
A Shelter from the Storm Sandra Stanway
Carnaval Costume Lucille Bellucci
The Right Answers Wanda E. Matula

Kitchen Krafts:

Kitchen Krafts: Make-in-the-Pan Cakes
Lee-lee Schlegel
Sunday Is a Special Day Catherine M. Moses
Funstuf By Jan Tincher


Ragene Henry
The Growing Church
The Magic Window Arline Rose
Salute from a Redcoat Marie Larsen

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Seek the Lord
Pat Graham and Sharon Martin
The Toast and Jam Mystery Becky Thoman Lindberg
Christmas in January Mary Ann Kuta
Ricky and the Team Elke Pettipas
Here Come Snowflakes Frances Carfi Matranga
Snow Circus Sandra Liatsos