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February 1985

Fresh Breads Beth M. Applegate
Best Friends Alma J. Yates
Friend to Friend Janet Peterson
A Big Brown Envelope Jan Burland
Choon and the Runaway Elephant Verna Turpin Borsky
Emmeline B. Wells Julie Wardell
Sprouting Wheat in a Jar Julie Wardell
Valentine Sandra Liatsos
Happy Valentine’s Day Frances Carfi Matranga
Samuel Smith, Missionary
My Baby Brother Maureen McJury
Funstuf Susan Horak
Sharing Time: Search the Scriptures Pat Graham
Valentine Activities Corliss Clayton
The Odyssey of Chris and Ben Ingrid Tomey
Slightly Different Bonnie Branch
The Wonder of TV Tom Dowling
The Flute Player Joyce B. Bailey
Music in the Wind Deanne Packer Kelly
Bobbie in the Mirror Roberta Dixon Gates