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March 1985

March Wind Celeste E. Sefranek
Playful Wind Kolette Montague
A Gift from Heaven Frances Carfi Matranga
Friend to Friend Janet Peterson
Janet’s Kite Christine Branch
The Dumb, Crazy, Mixed-Up Day Helen Seeley Phillips
Joseph and Emma
Kookaburra’s Laugh Mary Reeg
Funstuf By Crane Delbert Bennett
Kitchen Krafts
The Artist Michael Sharer
Denverr Kane of Tuscarora, Nevada Janet Thomas
Sharing Time: Conference—a Time for Listening Pat Graham
First Pick Mike LaCross
A Time Together Ann W. Moore
Weird Wind Jean Sturm
Johann Sebastian Bach Elizabeth Flugaur
Reaching Your Goal Corliss Clayton
Tapping in the Sugar Bush Esther Hatch
Clouds Phyllis Tezer
Weather Vane Sandra Liatsos