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April 1985

Jesus Rose Again D. A. Stone
Tears and Daffodils Sandy Halverson
Friend to Friend Janet Peterson


Boneshakers, High Wheelers, and Other Bicycles
Catherine Gray
Funstuf By Jim Conrad
Mom’s Magic Bread Alma J. Yates
The Winner Margaret M. Robinson

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: The Gospel Is Restored
Pat Graham
New Shoes! Anne Alexander
Kitchen Krafts Julie Wardell
Sock Bunny Julie Wardell
Mission to the Lamanites
Something Truly Magnificent Linda G. Shail
Amanda Kristine Keele
Not a Thief Terri Dennison
Jesus Is Coming Soon Trilba J. Lindsey and Vanja Y. Watkins
Phantom Eggs Brigid Casey-Meyer
Puddles Karen Lee Davidow
Rain Is Fun Sandra A. Metcalf-Moore