How to Make a Weeder

By Lawrence Cummins

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    You will need: short length of tubing or metal pipe, 2″ (5 cm) piece of dowel same diameter as inside diameter of tubing, 12″ (30 cm) strip of 3/16″–1/4″ (5 mm–6.5 mm) flat spring steel such as that used to secure heavy cardboard boxes or packing cases, pliers, rasp or pocketknife, hammer, and file.

    1. Bend strip of steel (see illustration).

    2. Slightly flatten opposite sides of dowel with rasp, or shave with pocketknife.

    3. Force dowel and ends of metal strip into end of tubing (see illustration). Tap other end of tubing with hammer while holding exposed dowel against solid surface. Continue tapping dowel until it doesn’t show when looking at weeder from side.

    4. If metal strip is thick enough, a sharper edge can be made on cutting surface with file.