What Should I Do?

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    When there’s nothing to do,
    Nothing at all
    but stare at the wall,
    What should I do?
    Nothing to play—just a boring day.
    Let’s see …
    Climb a tree? Sail a boat?
    Watch TV? Write a note?
    Sing a tune and clean my room?
    City of blocks? Puppet socks?
    Pastels or paint … ?
    Nothing to do—that’s my complaint!
    Piles of toys,
    all worn-out joys.
    Crayons and clay—what a boring day!
    Sew or cook? Read a book?
    Build a plane or car?
    Nothing to do—nothing so far.
    There’s running and sunning,
    Bikes and kites,
    Bubbles, puzzles, and balls,
    Oh, boy, am I blue—
    nothing to do.
    I know …
    I’ll call my friend, and then
    We’ll just get together
    And do

    [illustrations] Illustrated by Shauna Mooney