If I Could Find a Pony

By Jeanne Morger

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    (A fingerplay)

    If I could find a pony that would come and live with me,

    I’d promise him a happy home where he could stay for free.

    I’d make him chocolate sodas and pop popcorn every night.

    And when he jumped into his bed, I’d tuck him in real tight.

    We’d ride around the town, we two, like any trusty pals would do.

    And should he want to rest awhile, I’d trade him places with a smile.

    Then home again we both would run to sit and watch the setting sun.

    Yes, partners true we’d always be, and he’d be glad he’d chosen me.

    1. Hold fingers up behind head for ears.

    2. Hold both hands outward, happily.

    3. Scoop ice cream.

    4. Shake popper back and forth.

    5. Tuck in with both hands.

    6. Slap thighs rhythmically to make sound of horses’ hooves.

    7. Place palms of hands together next to face; then push corners of mouth upward.

    8. Slap thighs rhythmically to make sound of horses’ hooves; then lazily fold arms across chest.

    9. Cross fingers as sign of friendship; then point first at pony and then at yourself.

    Illustrated by Robyn S. Officer