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October 1985

Time-Out to Pray Paul H. Dunn
Clean-Out Time Russell Roberts
Friend to Friend Janet Peterson
Wads of Crumpled Paper Alice Schrot Wilshire
A Promise Connie Elliott
Pat for Short Sandra Steen and Susan Steen

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Fun with Favorites
Pat Graham
Funstuf By Ruth Schiefen
Danny Says So Beth Teitelman
Conference in Kirtland


Margie BosHouwers
Kitchen Krafts

Making Friends:

Pupi Toelupe of Laie, Hawaii
June Brown
Master Monster Makers Carl Carson
If I Could Find a Pony Jeanne Morger
The Shortcut Clara Walton Hinson
Malan Gets Baptized Vicki Blum
Betsy’s Ears Jean F. Roath
Nature’s Brightest Dress Naomi W. Randall and Charlene A. Newell
October Solveig Paulson Russell
Window Watching Violet M. Roberts
Scriptural Giants: Courage to Believe Sherrie Johnson