For Little Friends

By Cecily S. Nabors

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    “Saturday Special”

    “I want a Saturday chore,” Johnny said to his mother. “You and Daddy have chores, and Sarah and Joe have chores. I want one too.”

    Mother smiled. “Why don’t you watch what everybody does this Saturday. Maybe that will help you think of something that you can do.”

    On Saturday morning Johnny watched Joe carry large piles of dirty clothes to the washing machine. Joe left a trial of socks and shirts behind him and had to go back and pick them up.

    Then Johnny went outside, where Daddy was mowing the grass. Every once in a while Daddy stopped to carry the grass clippings to the vegetable garden.

    Next Johnny went to the garden. Sarah was pulling out the weeds. She walked back and forth, carrying the weeds to the compost heap.

    When Mother returned from the grocery store, Johnny watched her carry grocery bags from the car into the house.

    At lunchtime Mother asked Johnny, “Did you think of a Saturday chore?”

    “You’ll see next Saturday,” Johnny told her with a happy smile.

    The next week Johnny got his red wagon and pulled it behind Joe, picking up the socks and shirts that were dropped.

    “Thanks, Johnny,” said Joe.

    Johnny took his wagon outside. When Daddy’s lawn mower bag was full, Johnny piled the sweet-smelling clippings into his wagon and pulled them to the garden.

    “Thanks, Johnny,” said Daddy.

    Then Johnny’s wagon rattled back and forth, carrying Sarah’s wilting weeds to the compost heap.

    “Thanks, Johnny,” said Sarah.

    When Mother came home, Johnny used his wagon to carry the bags of groceries to the house.

    “Thanks, Johnny,” said Mother.

    Johnny and his wagon were busy hauling things all morning. At lunchtime, Mother smiled at Johnny and said, “You found a good Saturday chore.”

    “Yes,” he said proudly, “Johnny’s Delivery Service. It’s a ‘Saturday Special’!”

    [illustration] Illustrated by Shauna Mooney

    Spring Flowers

    Plant the seed, nourish it, and it will grow. (See Alma 32.)

    You will need: white paper, spoon, drinking straw, tempera paint, and green crayon.

    1. 1.

      Dampen paper.

    2. 2.

      Drop spoonful of paint for each blossom.

    3. 3.

      Blow through straw to form paint into petals.

    4. 4.

      Let dry completely, then draw stems and leaves with crayon.


    When I plant a little seed,
    I know that the Lord’s power,
    Working through the sun and rain,
    Will produce a pretty flower.
    When I go to sleep at night,
    I know that I shall waken;
    Although the night is dark and long,
    My faith is never shaken.
    Because I know that Christ arose,
    Though He in death had lain,
    So I know, too, that when I die,
    I’ll surely live again.

    [illustrations] Illustrated by Shauna Mooney