My Baptismal Prayer

By Carole Gray

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    Now that I’m eight

    And have decided to take

    The name of Jesus upon me,

    I promise that I

    Will be reverent and try

    Very hard to be more like Thee.

    Dear Heavenly Father,

    How thoughtful of Thee

    To give for my birthday

    Forgiveness to me.

    I’m now at the age

    When I know right from wrong,

    And I pray that Thou wilt always

    Help me along.

    The way, so I’m told,

    Will sometimes be hard.

    I’ll make some mistakes, probably,

    But with Thee as my leader,

    My strength, and my guard,

    The way will be better for me.

    In closing, dear Father,

    I’d just like to say,

    I thank Thee for my

    Baptism this day.

    Illustrated by Janae S. Westhoff