The Prophet Joseph Smith Goes to Missouri Again

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    Adapted from Doctrine and Covenants Stories (PBIC037A)(See D&C 72:10; D&C 82: preface, D&C 17–18; D&C 83:2; D&C 4; D&C 6; History of the Church, pages 271–272.)

    Joseph sustained as President of the High Priesthood

    1 In April 1832 Joseph Smith went to Jackson County a second time. A general council of the Church was called, and Joseph was sustained as President of the High Priesthood.

    Saints to work hard

    2 The Prophet received a revelation in which the Lord said that the Saints were to work hard and share all that they had with each other.

    Church storehouse

    3 Goods of all kinds were to be taken to the Church storehouse to be distributed according to the bishop’s orders.

    widows to be helped

    4 Four days later Joseph received another revelation: If widows, orphans, or any other members were needy, they were to be provided for through the Church storehouse.

    parents and children

    5 The revelation also said that husbands are to love and care for their wives, and parents are to love and care for their children.

    Joseph and others

    6 In May, Sidney Rigdon, Newel K. Whitney, and the Prophet Joseph started back to Kirtland, Ohio. Near New Albany, Indiana, the horses pulling their wagon became frightened and bolted.

    Bishop Whitney breaks his leg

    7 Joseph jumped out of the wagon unhurt, but Bishop Whitney caught his foot in a wheel and broke his leg and foot in several places.

    Joseph stays with Bishop Whitney

    8 Sidney Rigdon went on to Kirtland, but the Prophet stayed with Bishop Whitney for four weeks while he recuperated.

    Joseph Smith and poisoning

    9 One day during that time, Joseph Smith ate something poisonous. When Bishop Whitney gave him a blessing of health, the Prophet was instantly healed. Soon they, too, continued on to Kirtland.