Bobby’s Creation

By Christy Monson

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    Shlosh, shlosh went the water in Bobby’s fishbowl. A little water spilled onto the kitchen floor, and he wiped it up with a paper towel.

    “Where are you going with that water, Bobby?” asked Mother.

    “It’s for the family home evening lesson,” Bobby answered.

    “What does water have to do with the lesson?” asked his mother.

    “It’s Day Two,” said Bobby.


    “Wait until tomorrow,” said Bobby.

    Bobby carefully set the fishbowl on his bedroom floor. A minute later Mother saw him walk past the kitchen with his sand pail full of dirt. “I suppose the dirt is part of your lesson, too,” Mother said.

    “Yes,” replied Bobby. “It’s Day Three.”

    “Put a newspaper under it, please.”

    “OK,” Bobby answered. He went to the garage for a newspaper. While he was there, he got his father’s pruning shears, then went to the backyard and cut a small branch off the apple tree and carried it into the house. The branch swished through the kitchen door.

    “Bobby,” Mother asked, “what are you doing?”

    “I’m being careful,” said Bobby. He held up the branch. “It’s Day Three.”

    Bobby went back to the garage, climbed onto a stool, and lifted down a box of Christmas decorations. Inside he found a Christmas star and took it into the house.

    “It isn’t Christmas,” Mother said. “Why do you need the star?”

    “For Day Four,” replied Bobby. He made a large round sun on a piece of paper with his yellow paint. Then he took his parrot in its cage from near the sunny living room window.

    “Crackers likes the sunshine,” Mother said.

    “I know, Mom. I’ll put him back tomorrow after the lesson. His cage can sit by my window; it’s sort of sunny there.” Next to the parrot cage Bobby put the rubber shark he got at the beach last summer.

    A while later Bobby saw a little bug with long legs on his bedroom wall, and he yelled, “Creeping thing!” He ran to the kitchen. “Quick, Mom! I need one of those clear plastic cups that we had punch in yesterday.” Then he scampered off to get the masking tape.

    Bobby poked some holes in the bottom of the cup, trapped the bug inside the cup against the wall, and taped the cup to the wall. He set his toy horse on a shelf beside it.

    “Mom, can I use your wedding picture?” asked Bobby.

    “What can I say,” replied Mother, getting it for him. “This is going to be quite a lesson! But it’s time for bed now, so hurry and finish.”

    “I just have to make my signs. It’ll only take a minute,” said Bobby. He worked quickly with his paper and crayons, and soon it was very quiet in his room. Mother went to check. When she opened the door, she saw that Bobby was fast asleep in his bed. Pinned to his lamp was a sign that read:

    • DAY ONE—



    • Genesis 1:3–5 [Gen. 1:3–5]

    On his fishbowl was taped a sign that read:

    • DAY TWO—



    • Genesis 1:6–8 [Gen. 1:6–8]

    From the apple branch, stuck in the sand pail of dirt, hung a sign that read:

    • DAY THREE—


    • AND TREES.

    • Genesis 1:9–13 [Gen. 1:9–13]

    The Christmas star was next. It leaned against the big yellow sun. Its sign read:

    • DAY FOUR—



    • Genesis 1:14–19 [Gen. 1:14–19]

    Crackers chirped. Next to his cage was the rubber shark. His sign read:

    • DAY FIVE—


    • AND FISH.

    • Genesis 1:20–23 [Gen. 1:20–23]

    Mother smiled when her eyes fell on the plastic cup taped to the wall. The trapped insect danced in its cage. The sign next to it and the toy horse read:

    • DAY SIX—



    • Genesis 1:24–31 [Gen. 1:24–31]

    A sign that read:

    • AND MAN

    was printed next to the wedding picture.

    Last of all she noticed a sign lying near Bobby’s pillow. It read:

    Bobby “recreated” the whole world, she thought. That’s enough to make anyone tired! She kissed him and tucked the covers in around him.

    Illustrated by Julie F. Young