These Amazing Creatures

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    I put my face
    Next to spiderweb lace
    And marvel how creatures
    So tiny and small
    Know how to do things
    I can’t do at all!
    I love the bees’ honey;
    I buy it with money.
    I couldn’t take pollen
    From out of the flowers
    And turn it to honey
    If I tried to for hours!
    The ants work very hard
    Building homes in my yard.
    They dig tunnels and rooms,
    And they do it so well
    That I couldn’t improve on
    Their “Anthill Hotel.”
    Each of God’s creatures
    Has wonderful features.
    He must love each one
    To create them that way.
    So let’s learn from all
    Living things every day!

    [illustrations] Illustrated by Don Weller