For Little Friends

By Bonny Dahlsrud

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    Puzzle for Papa

    To make this fun Father’s Day gift, you will need: ten Popsicle sticks, tape, crayons or felt-tip pens, and piece of yarn.

    1. 1.

      Line up Popsicle sticks with sides touching.

    2. 2.

      Tape together.

    3. 3.

      Turn over and draw picture.

    4. 4.

      Take off tape, mix up sticks, and tie in bundle with yarn.

    5. 5.

      Give stick picture puzzle to Dad for Father’s Day.

    Daddy’s Shoes

    Whenever I do things for Mom,
    Dad says I “fill his shoes.”
    How can that be? They’re much too large!
    I’ll check each pair for clues:
    My daddy’s work boots lace up high;
    They’re leather, and they’re strong.
    You couldn’t choose a better pair
    To work in all day long.
    For Sundays and dress-up affairs,
    His shoes are shiny bright.
    Dad looks just grand from head to toe—
    He’s such a handsome sight!
    He has some large black winter boots;
    He wears them when it snows.
    They buckle snugly ’round his feet;
    They don’t have ties or bows.
    Before bedtime, or after baths,
    Dad’s slippers are his choice.
    The shoes he wears for basketball
    Sure have a squeaky voice!
    My daddy’s shoes are still too large
    (I’ve tried them all again),
    But Dad says that I fill them
    ‘Cause I help like grown-up men.

    [illustrations] Illustrated by Elise Niven Black