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August 1986

Be a Missionary By Elder O. Leslie Stone
Last-days Kids By Barbara Black Fox
Friend to Friend From an interview by Janet Peterson with Elder John Sonnenberg of the First Quorum of the Seventy


Keep Your Cool
By Terry Chenoweth

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Primary Makes Me Happy
By Pat Graham
Fu Bi Hsia’s Goose By Vicki Blum
The Extra Hug By Gail E. Hedrick
The Church of Jesus Christ in Kirtland
Funstuf By Patricia T. Barton
Kitchen Krafts: Get Ready for Your Mission —Learn to Cook! By Julie Wardell

Making Friends:

Joy Tippetts of Brigham City, Utah
By Lawrence Cummins
For Little Friends By Susan Gibson
Riches By Margaret Shauers
Scripture Figure
The Last Coin By Judy Miller

Heroes and Heroines—

Heroes and Heroines—Don Carlos McBride
By Jane McBride Choate
Go on a Mission Words and Music by Pat Kelsey Graham
Missionary Scriptures Contest
Scriptural Giants: Convert to the Truth By Sherrie Johnson