A Revelation about Jesus Christ

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    Adapted from Doctrine and Covenants Stories (PBIC037A)(See D&C 93.)

    If we repent we shall Jesus’ face

    1 It was revealed to Joseph Smith in May 1833 that those who repent of their sins and come unto Jesus and call on His name and obey His commandments shall see Jesus’ face and know that He lives.

    Jesus the true light

    2 Jesus said that He was the true light and that every person who came into the world could share in that light, or truth.

    Jesus made the earth

    3 Before the earth was made, Jesus lived with Heavenly Father, and it was Jesus who made the earth and all the things on it.

    Jesus received step by step

    4 Jesus was called the Son of God and received glory step by step. In time Jesus received a fulness of the power and glory of the Father.

    If we obey we can become like Heavenly Father

    5 If we obey all the commandments, Jesus promises us that we can become like Heavenly Father also, and be “glorified in truth” and know all things.

    Satan wants us to disobey

    6 Satan entices us to be disobedient so that light and truth will be withdrawn from us. That is why Jesus commands parents to bring their children up in truth and light. Jesus told Joseph that even he must repent and that he must teach his family the truth.

    Teach children light and truth

    7 Jesus also warned Frederick G. Williams and Sidney Rigdon to teach their children light and truth as they had been commanded by Jesus so that their children would be protected from Satan’s influence.