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September 1986

“Strengthen Thy Brethren” By Elder Paul H. Dunn
Apples and Things By Alma J. Yates
Friend to Friend From a personal interview by Sandra Stallings with Michaelene Grassli, Second Counselor in the General Primary Presidency
Just About Nobody Likes John Harding By Bette Davis
The Competition By Dana Smith Ekins
The Rose-Colored Glasses of Stanley Wilcox By Dorothy Walker

Kitchen Krafts:

Kitchen Krafts: Lunch or After-School Snacks
By Nina Lewis
A Revelation about Jesus Christ
Marvin the Marble Marvel By Linda Krein
Funstuf By Juliana Lewis
Notice Anything Different? By Mary Winklebleck
Caught! By Sandy Halverson

Making Friends:

Josh Morrell of Stuttgart, West Germany
by Wanda Franklin
For Little Friends By Patricia R. Kennington
Flora By Donne L. Pratt
The Sarape By Greg Larson

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: A Happy Harvest
By Pat Graham


The Magic of Marbles
By Candice Hutchison


Playing Marbles
By Lawrence Cummins
Two for Lunch By Marion Wentzien
Scriptural Giants: Saul Becomes Paul By Sherrie Johnson