Making Friends:

Heather Klock of Kenosha, Wisconsin

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    When her social studies teacher asked the students to choose a field trip, Heather Klock (10) chose a hunt for Indian artifacts. A few things—one arrowhead and some “smasher stones” for fashioning such weapons—were found on the hunt. Heather had already seen a lot of arrowheads and smasher stones and knew a lot about Indians in the Wisconsin area because she serves as a trained guide in the Indian Room of the Kenosha County Historical Museum.

    In the gifted program at school, Heather knows a lot about other things too. After studying about solar energy, she made a solar car that was displayed at two area science fairs. First she made a pinewood derby car, then attached a solar cell and motor on top, and then used a rubber band between the solar motor and rear wheels to drive the car. (She made a “hot-dog” racecourse to go with it, but that wasn’t entered in the fairs.) She knows a lot about art, too, and has had her artwork displayed at the Young Artists Fair. She’s also a pretty good amateur photographer.

    Sports keep Heather busy, both in school and out. For the past three years she has been on the Kenosha Unified School System Recreation Swim Team, has won the Physical Education Award, and each Thanksgiving has run with her father, her brother, Gunnar (8), and her sister Jennifer (14) in the two-mile Mayor’s Turkey Day Run. Other “fun exercise” includes climbing trees, jumping on the trampoline—especially with her oldest sister, Rebecca (15)—playing kickball, sledding, and jumping rope.

    Chores vary, but clearing the table, vacuuming, and cleaning the bathrooms are three regular tasks. A more pleasant chore is caring for Nibbles and Cottontail, her two large rabbits. Her younger sisters, Alyssa (7), Amanda (5), and Tiffany (3), help feed and exercise them.

    Heather has been in Scouting since 1983, and she loves it. In 1984, when she was still a Brownie, she and her dad won second place at the Cookie Hop, a party to kick off the annual Girl Scout Cookies sale.

    Playing the piano and going places with her family are two more favorite things to do, and last year Heather got to do both at the same time. Besides camping at Nauvoo State Park and seeing “The City of Joseph” pageant with her family, she was allowed to play the old pump organ in the Taylor/Ivan/Smith Home when her family toured Nauvoo.

    Heather went to both the open house and the dedication of the Chicago Temple with her family. And she went to the open house a second time with a friend’s family. She loves the temple “because it is so quiet and peaceful, and when you leave, you feel so happy that you went.”

    A. A favorite camera shot by Heather

    B. The whole family at the Chicago Temple

    C. Dancing at the 1984 Cookie Hop

    D. Playing the pump organ at Nauvoo

    E. Competitive in all four major strokes

    F. “There it goes!”

    G. Giving a museum tour

    H. Playing with Nibbles

    I. Spring fun