My Thank-You Song

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    I’m learning to say “thank you”
    For so many, many things.
    I tell my sister “thank you”
    When she helps me on the swings.
    And I say, “Thank you, Mother,”
    When she helps me brush my hair
    And “thank you” to my daddy
    When he takes me to the fair.
    I have a big, tall brother
    Who can reach high on the shelf
    To get my books and toys
    That I cannot reach myself.
    So when my brother helps me,
    I say “thank you” right away,
    Then take the books and toys he got
    And run outside to play.
    Soon I’ll be seeing Grandma,
    And I’ll know just what to do.
    She’ll say, “My, you’re looking pretty!”
    And I’ll laugh and say, “Thank you.”
    When she gets down her cookie jar,
    Filled with goodies just for me,
    I know that I’ll remember
    To say “thank you” cheerfully.
    I’ll practice saying “thank you”
    Every time I think I should.
    It makes me very happy
    To be showing gratitude.
    And when the day is over
    And I kneel to say my prayer,
    I’ll say, “Thank you, Heavenly Father,
    For my family’s love and care.”

    [illustrations] Illustrated by Elise Niven Black