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January 1987

Journals Are Important!
Grandpa Goodhue’s Hand-Me-Down Smile By Ray Goldrup
Friend to Friend From a personal interview by Richard M. Romney with Elder Charles Didier of the First Quorum of the Seventy

Making Friends:

Brady Blaser of Bountiful, Utah
By Glen C. Griffin, M. D.
Winter Picnic By Pauline Super

Heroes and Heroines:

George Q. Cannon
By Jane McBride Choate
For Little Friends By Carol A. Thomson
Priesthood Leaders
Our Welcome Visitor By Helena K. Stefanski
Rabbit Talk By Bob Messano
Funstuf By Kathryn M. Wilson
Kitchen Krafts By Julie Wardell
The Disappearing Toys By Dawn Hoerner
Martin Makes a Friend By Priscilla Wu
Cross Connections: The First Article of Faith By Jil S. Hunt
Too Many Uncles By Margaret Springer

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Be Honest
By Pat Graham


Me Keep a Journal?
By Jeanne W. Pittman
Jason’s Courage By Vicki Blum
Scriptural Giants: Joshua, Devout General By Sherrie Johnson