For Little Friends

By Cherry G. Wolf

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    Two Cards from Grandma and Grandpa

    Picture story(click to view larger)

    Illustrated by Shauna Mooney


    To make and play Potshot, you will need: shoe box, pencil, scissors, plastic straw for each player, equal number of marbles for each player, table (or other surface to play on), masking tape, and books.

    To Make

    1. 1.

      Cut three holes in side of box, and tape to table (see illustration).

    2. 2.

      Use another piece of tape for Shooting Line (see illustration).

    3. 3.

      Place books as boundary lines to keep marbles from scattering.

    To Play

    Players take turns using their straws to blow their marbles from Shooting Line into holes in shoe box. Winner is one with most marbles in box.

    Variation: Older children might wish to assign point values to holes (for example, center hole might be worth one point; outer holes, two points each), with winner being first player to reach a certain total, such as ten points.

    Winter Lullaby

    How many creatures do you know
    That sleep through all the cold and snow,
    Never feeling nippy toes,
    Wind-chafed cheeks, or frost-tipped nose?
    Never creeping, running, leaping
    Through the snowdrifts? Never peeping
    Over banks of crystal magic? Only sleeping,
    sleeping deep?
    Hundreds, thousands, millions do.
    Bears and squirrels—turtles, too—
    Chipmunks, lizards, frogs, and toads,
    Insects, birds, and snakes, and loads
    Of other creatures hidden deep,
    Warm and snug and fast asleep—
    oh, very fast asleep!

    [illustrations] Illustrated by Shauna Mooney