You Can’t Play Tag with a Turtle

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    You can’t play tag with a turtle,
    and elephants don’t hide and seek.
    You never go swimming with kitties
    or tell a giraffe not to peek.
    Now, guppies just aren’t built for football,
    and hippos can’t balance a bike.
    You’ll not see moose at the opera
    or take a fat hen on a hike.
    A buffalo’s no good at jump rope,
    and turkeys don’t dance well at all.
    A camel can’t play the piano;
    a garter snake can’t catch a ball.
    All creatures are skillful at something,
    and that goes for boys and girls too.
    What we can’t do is not that important.
    What matters is what we can do!

    [illustration] Illustrated by Shauna Mooney